Thursday, July 2, 2009

Too weird to live, and too rare to die.

Writing sober, who could do such a reckless and wild thing as to venture into their own mind unshielded by a substance so powerful it can sever your brainstem if not kept in check. The difference between writing and thinking is small in most senses, but large enough that it can become very dangerous if not done correctly. Thinking is quick and fleeting; with writing you take time, you think, and re think, and over think, and then you spell check (however haphazardly). Chemical Defense is the only way to cut through the dense jungles of your mind safely. For this very reason I have the preference of sharing events in my life that have been chemically modified with additives of varying legality.

Before I get on to the knitty-gritty I should explain a few things, first off I am of the female persuasion. There is no question as to weather or not you will doubt this many times in my writing. I in fact doubt this quite often, but it is easier for me to check and settle my curiosity. Secondly I am quite young, old enough to be living on my own, but young enough to still fear my parents above all other authority on earth. And thirdly I am of moderately high attractiveness and happily single. Any astute reader can piece these bits of information together and see that I have a problem. If I am said single-young-attractive-female, and I am at a place where I am in no need of a male overlord or regular lover, I will have an awkward problem when talking to a person of the male persuasion.

Congratulations astute reader, you have found my current life dilemma. But let me unfurl the inner problems that this scenario has set up for me. I am not a normal female, (this is where you doubt my gender) I enjoy the competitive 3D adventures set before me by a particular MMORPG that has a mass following of addicted 12 year olds. For those of you who haven’t picked up on what I just said, I will put it simply, “I play video games, and not just that, I play World of Warcraft”. Second point where you will doubt me, I enjoy graphic novels (not Japanime) specifically those depicting some sort of superhuman who has the will to protect the masses from some menacing force. I play video games and read comic books, I can keep up with most nerdy conversation so long as it is spoken in english or L33T.

So here I am, no doubt queen of the geeks. The astute reader could very well guess that I am a man at this point, just making up a fantasy of a woman to use as a voice in writing. I have gotten very used to the idea that people question my gender online it no longer bothers me. And I would hold no grudges against the astute reader for these thoughts, as I have no time or will to disprove them.

Now that that sexually awkward introduction is finished I have to make a little speech of warning. This page will hold accounts that could be so strange and straightforward some soulful human may find it hard to read, or even harder to accept. Since this is an account of my actual life, my virtues will no doubt differ from many of yours. If you are offended by certain natural acts, ie sexual acts, or if you look down on chemical experimentation and release, ie Drug use of varying legality, you may wish to read something else.

That being said, I wish you all well, and I hope you enjoy the ride.
Much love,
Miss Kitty

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